How It All Got Started (part 1)

How did you come up with all this stuff?

To understand what state of mind I was in to write this, I must first paint the picture…

It was a dark and stormy night. The lightening crashed just outside of my bedroom window, illuminating everything inside my room. I lay there,  violently tossing and turning in my bed while this ravenous dream steals my mind – it was like a movie playing, a mind-movie.

Why would anyone want to leave this kinda view, amIright?

Why would anyone want to leave this kinda view, amIright?

Okay not really. In fact, it was nothing like that at all. Actually, it all started while I was on vacation with my wife. Our last night on the trip, I was really struggling to get to sleep. I suppose I was disappointed that the vacation was coming to an end. (Everyone gets that way, right?)

Anyways, this idea about a boy somehow stumbling across a city completely inhabited by people uniquely identified by their distinctive race, and the abilities that comes along with that race popped into my head. Before I knew it, more ideas were coming at me with lightning fast speed. (We’ve gone plaid! – That’s a joke for those that have been around long enough to remember Mel Brooks movies.)  Ideas like Orion’s family members, the Frugg’al Games, Grayson, Cremmel, and Zora – all coming to me as if someone was giving me a nice, neat little package with a pretty little bow.

Before I knew it, I had written several pages-worth of material, but had no idea how I was going to connect it all; it was like a haphazard spider web that seemed to go nowhere. But that’s when the real fun began. I decided that I would just sit down and start writing. I wanted to see if I could even get a beginning going – you know, get the proverbial snowball rolling. The prologue quickly took shape and the most interesting part about it was that it was full of characters and material that I had not even jotted down during my vacation scribbles. What I had on paper was something I had not really planned for, nor really knew where to go with it. But as I continued to pump out each chapter, it became very clear that the general theme I had created in the prologue was one that I was going to carry on, not only through the first novel, but through the series.

Typing like the wind

Typing like the wind

In a matter of only 2 ½ months, I had the first version of Journal of Forgotten Secrets down on paper. I was really impressed with myself. I literally thought that I had, overnight, transformed into the next Michael Crichton or J.K. Rowling. Before I started the writing process, a common idea was prevalently  in everything I researched; the real work begins during the editing process. Well I scoffed at that idea, thinking to myself, No way! Editing this is going to be cake…I mean don’t you realize that I just created a masterpiece?! I honestly had no idea how wrong I was…

Jeremy Shory

photo credit: Personal Photo collection and Michael Dales via photopin cc


  1. So proud of your work!!!!:)

  2. delaney cooper

    I love the book your wife (my babysitter) had told me u were writing a book and i reaally wanted to read it it is awesome

    • Hi Delaney,

      Thanks for taking the chance on the book. I’m glad you like it. I’m working on book 2 now, and I’ll make sure you have a copy with your name on it when it’s finished. Tell all your friends at school about it so I can keep making books for you guys.


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