A Virtual Scavenger Hunt for the Keen Eyes

So I wanted to do a little something different, something I think is more fun and enjoyable. A lot of authors will post to their website/blog about their work and then later on post about contests to receive free copies of their work. Most of the time it’s just about signing up, and then the winners are picked at random. Lame! I mean you have no control over that, and you’re the one person that SHOULD have control. I mean you’re the fan. You’re the one dedicating your time, money, and support to authors. Why not be rewarded?

No lie, this is my go-to dance move. Like all the time!

No lie, this is my go-to dance move. Like all the time!

That’s why I’m doing my contest in a very different fashion; one where you, the reader and fan can control your own destiny. Sounds totally groovy right? (I’m talking like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever groovy! If you don’t know what that reference is, you’re too young to be using your mother’s credit card, now go put it back! Go on. I’ll wait.) Okay, now that the youngins are gone, I can divulge that the joke is on them. There’s no purchasing necessary for this contest. It’s totally FREE! Did you honestly think I’d charge like some of the other Author Contests? (I’m talking the types you see posted where it’s like “Hey! Sign up for my Author contest and win a Free iPad!” And then you go to signup, spend 20 minutes doing so, only to find out you have to pay like $10 to register. Yeah that free iPad…well you’re $10 just went towards buying that for some other lucky schlep.)

Here’s the real beauty about this contest – you’re not going to just win a copy of my book, The Orion Chronicles: The Journal of Forgotten Secrets, you’re going to win a bundle of 3 books including C L Raven’s Soul Asylum (add Amazon link) and Reece Bridger’s The Perfect Mortals (add Amazon link). Three books in one – you can’t beat that!

C L Raven's best selling Horror story Soul Asylum

C L Raven’s best selling Horror story Soul Asylum

Alright, here’s how this is going to go down. Reece, the Raven twins, and I will be sending you on a lil scavenger hunt. Each week we’ll be posting a series of questions that will pertain to each of our websites. There will be 3 questions per site, giving you a total of nine 9 unique questions each week. The answers to these questions can be found by simply navigating around our websites, hunting through the content. We have a good amount of content up across our 3 sites, so you’ll have to work a lil bit. Once you have your answers, you’ll need to simply reply to the week’s contest posting with them listed. The winners will earn a free eBook copy of The Orion Chronicles: The Journal of Forgotten Secrets (any eBook format you choose as I have files for each eReader – Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc.), The Perfect Mortals, and Soul Asylum.

Reece Bridger's epic Fantasy The Perfect Mortals

Reece Bridger’s epic Fantasy The Perfect Mortals

C L Raven and I are also going to have a Top Secret link embedded in our site that if found will provide you with instructions on how to contact us to win an advance copy of The Orion Chronicles: Curse of the Phantom Brotherhood (which is set for release at the end of the year) and C L Raven’s Ghost Story Anthology. The Top Secret link could be anything – a picture, a word in a blog, or maybe even a blog posting itself. You’ll have to click away to find out.

The contest will begin Tuesday October 1, and will run for 6 consecutive weeks with different questions posted each Tuesday. The first three (3) people to answer all questions correctly and post them to that week’s post will win the book bundle. (This curtails the lazy fan from simply copying and pasting someone else’s answers.) Once you’ve won, we’ll contact you directly via email to discuss delivery of your prize.

Also once you win, you’re not eligible to keep trying the next weeks.

Keep your eyes peeled for the first scavenger hunt to be revealed on Tuesday October 1st.

Happy hunting!

Jeremy Shory

photo credit: Graham Ballantyne via photopin cc

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