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Behind the Scenes: Creating The Orion Chronicles

How It All Got Started (part 1)
How It All Got Started (part 2)


The Characters – In Their Own Words

Let Me Tell Ya A Lil Bit About My Characters
Boat Ride Into Leslie Beggargass’ Twisted Mind
Owen Skovic: Big Man, Big Heart, and Bigger Sweet Tooth
Grayson Wants to Remind You He’s NOT Ten Years Old
No Issue too Big for Zora to Meddle in
Mizayla’s Warning: Wicked Words from a Wicked Woman
Chester’s Magical Blog About Magical Potions
Cremmel’s Insatiable Appetite for Animal Nerdery…or Intellect – You Decide
Francine’s Journey into Motherhood…Sorta
Hard Life for the Lamont Twins
Rodin – A Military Man On A Power Trip
Orion Martins: A Torn Adolescent
Hortwangler’s Credo: Greed and Selfishness Will Take You Everywhere
Detail-Oriented Eagen Gives Us the Scoop on the Frugg’al Games


Blogs About the Author and Everything Else?

Stuff About Me You Didn’t Know…But Want To


Book Reviews, Guest Blog Spots, and Author Interviews

Bitten By Books offers the opinion on The Orion Chronicles
The Book Reviewer gives her take on The Orion Chronicles

A Woman’s Wisdom reviews The Orion Chronicles
Author Interview with Indie Author Land
Author Interview with Tim Greaton’s Forum
Author Interview with Author Quiz
Amazon Author Page
Guest Blog – Young Adult Authors – The Tricks to Writing for Young Adults…sorta
Guest Blog – Creative Imagination: The Writer’s Creative Process
Guest Blog – Story Ideas: The Stuff No One Else Tells You
Guest Blog – An American History Lesson…as told by a silly Yank