Rodin – A Military Man On A Power Trip

Hello, my name is Rodin Constantine. I’m not a man of many words, but what I say usually carries a lot of weight. You can simply ask my men and they will confirm this. My current rank and title within the F.L.E.A.R. organization is Captain. Maybe one day, when Chief Eagramen decides to hang up his cloak, I’ll be tabbed as the next chief.

Cadence and Baby Zora - anyone else think it's weird a militantman like Rodin married a woman named Cadence?

Cadence and Baby Zora – Anyone else think it’s weird a militant man like Rodin married a woman named Cadence?

F.L.E.A.R. Badge photo by: Jason Shory

F.L.E.A.R. Badge
photo by: Jason Shory

I have spent most of my life within F.L.E.A.R. and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have grown up as a person thanks to this organization just as much as I have grown through the ranks of it. Chief Eagramen took me into his F.L.E.A.R. family when I was nothing but a struggling adolescence, looking to make things work for my brother and me. I have looked to him as a father figure ever since. I literally owe my life to that man, and I will remain his most staunch supporter until I take my last breath.

I have a lovely wife, Cadence, who I could not be where I am without her support. She gave me the single most important thing in my life, my daughter Zora. These two mean more to me than anything else in life, and because of them I will always do everything in my power to ensure these streets remain safe. I don’t know what I would do if I lost either one of them. And if you’re wondering, yes that’s a threat!

To me life is simple; there is only one code a man must abide by –It’s better to be respected and feared than to be endeared and charming. I only got where I am today because my men respect me, not because I’m their friend. I am their Captain, their superior, their leader. I give orders and they abide by them. End of story.

That’s all I have to say. Stay safe…we’re watching you.


Jeremy Shory

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Hard Life for the Lamont Twins

Well ‘ello, dere, Mon Amis. We are Kane an’ Boudreaux Lamont. Now I know what y’all be dinkin’. You be dinkin’ we’re jus’ a couple good ol’ boys from backwoods Loozianna. Probably dinkin’ we know dem bearded fellas from dat one TV show ‘bout duck huntin’ dynaties. Well, you’d be wrong. Us Lamont boys are from Barbonus…from Val’Derra. We ain’t no fools, an’ we sho ain’t no Nequams. No, we a couple of Paranormals jus’ lookin’ da make da best uh what we gots.

Death Was Only the Beginning: The Lamont Brothers Won't Soon Forget This Location

Death Was Only the Beginning: The Lamont Brothers Won’t Soon Forget This Location

We wasn’ always Paranormals dough. Nah, you gots da have someding bad happen to ya to become a Paranormal, like be murdered. And dat’s jus’ what happened to us; we was murdered. We was originally a couple Sandshiftuhs born into a decent family. Our papa owned a lil furniture boutique an’ our mamma helped him run it. Dat is until bod dey mysteriously died in dere sleep. Dunno what caused it, but had to be natural since dey never came back. Next ding you know, me and my brodda end up in a children’s home. One not equipped enough to handle da numbuh of kids in dere. So we jus’ bought our time ‘til we could make it on our own.

After a few years, we left and started wanderin’ da land. You know, makin’ do. We used to sell potions along da way. Anyding we came across from cidy to cidy, we’d buy up and den sell it for twice da price to dose in the countryside widout da means of makin’ it into da cidy. Sure it was a dakin’ advantage of ‘em a lil, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Every once in awhile we’d make it over to da Constant Worl’ an’ pick up some dings unique to your world an’ sell dem for a high price.  Always people in dis worl’ dat crave contraptions from your wol’.  Personally, we don’ get it. Ain’t nuttin’ in your worl’ dat we can’t use some magic for.

The Final Hand in a Game of Poker is the least for this pair.

The Final Hand is the Deadliest…at least for this pair.

Before long we done found our way to dis cidy, Furtayman. A few days lada, we in a poka game playin’ against some Razorbacks, an’ dey accuse me and my brodda of bein’ cheats. Dere’s one ding you should know about me an’ my brodda; you can call us jus’ ‘bout any name in da book an’ it won’ bodder us, but don’t call us a cheat! We don’ like bein’ called a cheat now. So we up and quit da game…wit all dere money. Next ding we know, we was shanked an’ left for dead in da alley.

Dat’s where Mizayla comes in. She saved us. She showed us how to get revenge, an’ revenge is what we got. We made dem scream…beg for the quick deaths we had. You see, no one, and I mean no one crosses da Lamont twins. We get even. You best remember dat.

Kane and Boudreaux Lamont

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Jeremy Shory

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Francine’s Journey into Motherhood…Sorta

Orion's pile of clothes - only takes one week to get this bad. Kids!

“Orion’s pile of clothes – only takes one week to get this bad. Kids I tell ya” – Francine Willastride

When I was first asked to write a blog about myself, I jumped at the opportunity before the request was even complete. I mean between all the laundry needing to be picked up, all the lunches and dinners to be cooked, and cleaning this monstrous house, it can be a feat all in its own just to find some time for myself.  I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better break as that stuff can be absolutely exhausting. (Really I’d prefer to be knitting a new afghan, or sewing some new wall-hanging.)

Oh, where are my manners? I’m sorry. Let me introduce myself. I am Francine Millicent Willastride; close friend to the Martins, and personal nanny to Orion. I’ve known the Martins family for almost as long as I can remember. I was even there for Orion’s birth…all 9 lbs 2 oz of him.

Yeah, he was a big boy. Still is actually. I look at him and I don’t see a boy only one week away from turning fifteen. No, I see a young man wise beyond his years.  Although, every time I make him his favorite snack (Cold Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich-putting the jar of peanut butter in the fridge really does take things to the next level, trust me), or each time he asks me to go play hide & seek, I’m reminded just how young and innocent he is. He doesn’t know how evil the world can be. But that’s where we come in…Eagen and me. We swore to protect him, and that’s just what we’ll do (even if that means continuing to keep the world of Val’Terra a secret.)

Francine's specialty: Cold PB&J

Francine’s specialty: Cold PB&J

But that’s enough about Orion. This blog is supposed to be about me. I was born and raised in Val’Terra in the bustling metropolis of Furtayman. When I was born, there was a great divide amongst the various races in the city, but things were beginning to turn around through the efforts of Chief Eagramen and the boys of F.L.E.A.R. As I grew up, things continued to get better. So much so that races began to move out of their specified districts and began to integrate. In fact when I was a teenager, a nice Razorback family moved in next door and their daughter became my best friend of all time; her name was Physasha.

Francine has had her eye on a leopard print one for months now.

Francine has had her eye on a leopard print one for months now.

Despite the advancements made in breaking down the racial barriers, there was still a ban on races mixing. And I guess that’s kinda how I ended up here. Physasha wed a Spellcaster named Bynam, and instead of keeping their love a secret, they decided to move to the only place where their love could blossom – the Constant World. When she found out she was pregnant, Physasha asked me to join them and help her raise the child. At first, I was reluctant. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that Bynam and Physasha was the closest thing to family I had left. You see, both my parents had passed away (they had me at a very old age) and my brother, Pollack, left when I turned twenty never to look back. So it only made sense to leave.

When Physasha passed away during Orion’s birth, I stepped up. My natural motherly instincts kicked in and I’ve never been the same since. But you know what, other than losing my best friend, I don’t think I would change anything about my path to this point. It’s made me who I am – Momma Francine.

Well I think that’s enough for now. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go slip into my Snuggie and make myself one of those Cold PB&J sandwiches I was talking about.


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Jeremy Shory

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Cremmel’s Insatiable Appetite for Animal Nerdery…or Intellect – You Decide

Howdy. I am Cremmel Veloria, or probably better known as one half of the Gruesome Twosome (my best friend Grayson is the other half).  You’ll have to forgive me as I’m not really into this whole blogging thing. Nah, I’d much rather have my nose in a book (well not when I’m hanging with my super hot girlfriend, Zora, of course). I enjoy reading and studying. Probably haven’t heard too many fifteen year olds say that huh? My best friend Grayson calls me a nerd because of it, but I don’t care. I love being well-versed in things. I consider myself a bit of an intellect. I think the ladies like that about me…of course my toned body doesn’t hurt either.  Haha.

Lochness Monster - Just let it come to you...yeah right, Cremmel

Lochness Monster – Just let it come to you…yeah right, Cremmel

Animals are kinda my passion. I’m all about ‘em…especially the ones in your world. You Nequams don’t know how many amazing creatures you really have in your world. You name it, you guys have it; Dragons, Sharks, Dogs, Gerbils, Lions. We have kind of a running joke here in Val’Terra about you Nequams and your Monster Hunts. You guys spend so much time hunting for Big Foot and Nessie (yes I know what you call them – see I told ya I knew a lot about animals from your world) that you don’t realize you just have to let ‘em come to you. We have similar creatures, and that’s how we catch ‘em.

Speaking of creatures in our world, we have some pretty neat ones here too. Ever heard of a Hawdrac? Sunbirds? Conigma Imps? Didn’t think so.

Hawdrac statue adorns the entrance to Hawdrac Lake

Hawdrac statue adorns the entrance to Hawdrac Lake

A hawdrac is equal parts lion, hawk, and dragon, and they live in Hawdrac Lake outside our city. They’re super aggressive, and have a bad temper.

Now sunbirds, these guys are pretty docile, but super dangerous. The best way I can describe them is if you take a Phoenix (yes, they really exist in your world in the Mountains of South America) and a Thunderbird (found in the desserts of North America) got together and had a baby – that would be a Sunbird. As a baby, it’s mostly yellow in color, but the older it gets, it begins sprouting red and orange feathers on its wings and body. The really old ones have dark blue tips on their feathers. They’re pretty cool to see, kinda majestic-looking. They burst into flames when they feel threatened.

Finally, Conigma Imps (or Wall Imps). These guys…they’re something else. They’re about six inches tall, and they look like miniature furry people with wide mouths full of sharp teeth. Each of ‘em have their own unique hairdo, and they’re all different colors; red, blue, green, yellow, purple. They live in the walls of people’s homes (hence the name Wall Imps), and are mostly harmless. They can be very sneaky though, and they will take your stuff. But they usually return it to you after some time…like when you need it least. But for the most part, they’re pretty cool little creatures, and some of them are really funny. Like Garvin, who lives in Grayson’s house, that little dude is so funny. One time, he stole every pair of Grayson’s underwear and didn’t give them back for a whole week. It was hilarious.

Well, I guess that’s enough for now. I didn’t really tell you much about me, but I think you get the gist; I’m a bookworm with a passion for animals.

See ya around.

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Jeremy Shory

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Chester’s Magical Blog About Magical Potions

Oh hello there. My name is Chester. Chester Grummel. I’m Grayson’s father. You may know him. Or maybe not. I dunno. Either way, I am a Master Potioneer, and I run Grummel’s Potion Shop in the heart of the Spellcaster District.

Grummel's Potion Shoppe - best elixers in the Spellcaster District

Grummel’s Potion Shoppe – best elixirs in the Spellcaster District

Things have been a little crazy for me recently with the Frugg’al Games coming to town. Everyone wants an Eagle Eye potion, or an Aqua Breath, or a Spending Mending potion to curb their urge of snatching up all the Frugg’al memorabilia (I believe vendors have raised their prices only because of the event being in town, those sniveling weebles). Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to talk so foul. Anyways, the orders keep piling in so fast it’s getting hard to keep up. And if there’s one thing anyone who knows me will tell ya, it’s that I’m not organized. Nope. Not even in the least bit. I know I should get organized one of these days, but it’s just not me. I kinda thrive on the chaos that is disorganization. Keeps me on my toes I guess.

But I’m not complaining. The money’s good. Especially since I’m trying to save up for a pair of those new Multi-Plane Observation Optics (MPO2) for my boy. The way they zoom in on the playing field, allowing you to see things from the player’s perspective is just…is just…well magical. He’s had his eye on a pair of those for awhile now. And if I know my son, he and his friends will find some way of getting into the Lokay Tournaments, so they could get some early use.

That reminds me, I need to swing by The Meats Meet and pick up a couple hams for my wife Delilah’s dinner party tomorrow night. They have this one ham that’s soaked in a lemon-curry sauce for two days and then fried for a few moments to give it a little crunch. Oh man! There’s nothing better.

And while I’m at it, let me just add…two bottles of glacier mist…and phantom extract. Sorry about that. I’m compiling a list of ingredients I need for the giant order of Eagle Eye potions I just got. I’ll probably have to send my shop hand Hortwangler up to Hargraves Market for them. I’ll tell ya, that Hortwangler…he’s a good man. He always does as he’s asked and I never hear a peep from him. He’s like a mouse with how quiet he is around the shop. Heh, sometimes I don’t even think he’s here with how quiet he is. He’s been working for me for years now though. I don’t think I could run this place without him.

Grummel's Potion Shoppe Order Forms - All in a day's work

Potion Order Forms  – All in a day’s work

Yeah the ol’ potion shop wasn’t where I always envisioned myself. No, when I was growing up, I wanted to be a Charmer. You know, put spells and enchantments on objects. Back in the day it used to be a lucrative business. But things got all…commercialized thanks to the Specialized Enchantments Division (SED). By the time I was powerful enough to actually use my abilities, most of the Charming business had closed up and the few remaining enchantment jobs went to the SED. But it’s alright. I enjoy being a potioneer. At least I know I’ll never have to worry about getting sick…I’ll just whip up a Horngrape Salve (mostly a concoction of Horngrapes and firefly thorax) to fight off whatever it is.

Well my apologies, but I really must get back to these potion orders. I just got an order for…oh goodness…thirty one Aqua Breath potions for Daniel Benson. Yeesh.


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Jeremy Shory

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Mizayla’s Warning: Wicked Words from a Wicked Woman

I’m going to make this short and sweet. There’s no such thing as a good person. No such thing as good deeds. No, there are only evil and cruel intentions. Even the people you think you know best, the people who you think love you and care for you, your family, only have selfish aspirations. And if you get in the way of those aspirations, kiss your butt goodbye

How do I know all this you may be asking? Well to understand who I am, I’ll have to tell you a little story.

I am Mizayla, and at one time I was a Spellcaster. I was a good girl. I hardly got in trouble outside of the typical things kids and teenagers normally get reprimanded for. I loved art, and being a Spellcaster afforded me the wonderful benefit of being able to use the elements like fire and earth in my artwork. I had the typical teenage crushes on the boys down the street, but again, they were innocent feelings. Not once did I ever act on them. I had only a few friends as I was a bit of a recluse, but they were very important to me and I held them dear.

Even this woman can't touch Mizayla's dipravity

Even this woman can’t touch Mizayla’s dipravity

Then came a special night; the night of my demise. Why would I say it was a special night? Well it’s because it was the night my eyes finally opened. It was when I had the epiphany of all epiphanies. You see, I also had an older brother, and it was that night when I realized I would never be able to escape his shadows. My father loved him more than me, and he made that fact apparent on a daily basis. I just never realized it until then.

I was visited by an unlikely person that night. It was him who opened my eyes. And it was so simple too. I don’t know how I never saw it before. Perhaps I was always in denial about it and simply forced the bad thoughts from my mind. Maybe I was too young to notice. Either way my special visitor exposed the sham I thought was my family. It was that night I realized there’s no such thing as love…especially from your own family.

And you might be thinking, “At least your special visitor helped you out. Perhaps that was out of love.” Wrong! No, there were secret and evil intentions behind it all. A unique tome was the object of desire that night, certainly not helping me. In fact, that’s when I was murdered; by the same person who tried “helping” me. Sure I lost my life, but I returned as a Paranormal with a fresh look on life, a new vision. Now, it’ll be my second life’s work to bring down your world and mine. People of all races, magical or not, need to be tought a lesson. Life is not about ruining other people’s lives for the sake of bettering yourself. Life is not about selfish greed and gluttony. Life is about more than money and status. Both worlds have spun too wildly out of control, there’s no reversing the course they’re both on.

And for all these reasons, you all will feel my wrath. Perhaps if you’re lucky enough to survive, you too will be able to say you’ve had a “special” night where your eyes were opened.

Consider yourself warned!


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Jeremy Shory

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No Issue too Big for Zora to Meddle in

Hello, I’m Zora. I guess you could say I’m just your typical Fangtooth teenage girl; I like to read, hang out with my friends (especially my boyfriend, Cremmel), and playing Screbak wherever I can. My favorite places to eat are Caskets and Lucky Shot Stake House (like the play on words there…Hehe). Oh man, they make the best Flying Grizzly Boar. It’s smothered in a special garlic-rosemary sauce. You just have to try it to know what I’m talking about.

The emblem of a hopless romantic.

Zora – Fangtooth Princess and hopeless romantic.

But anyways, I consider myself a hopeless romantic with a huge heart. In fact I’ve even found my way over into the Constant World a few times to catch a few movies…I believe they’re called Rom-Coms, or Romantic Comedies. My faves are How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Friends With Benefits.  I’m a big fan of Justin Timberlake and Matthew McConaughey. Mmmm. But that’s probably something for another blog.

That reminds me, I need to tell Lelani about this cute boy I met the other day. He’d be perfect for her.

Sorry, about that. I’m always trying to hook her up. I like to play match-maker. I guess it’s just because I have something special with Cremmel and I kinda want everyone to enjoy the same thing.

Fangtooths - not your typical vampires.

Fangtooths – not your typical vampires.

So as a Fangtooth, you probably think I’m this big blood-sucking vampire that turns into a flying animal with garlic allergies. Well I’m here to tell you those theories are not true. In fact, Cremmel and I laugh all the time about how Nequams came up with these really far-fetched concepts on what a vampire is. I guess it kinda makes sense when you have movies like Twilight shoved in your face. But I’m here to tell you they have it all wrong. We’re not like that, and we don’t go around in shiny skin looking to bite someone’s neck. Just the thought of doing that creeps me out. Honestly, we’re no different than you other than the fact we can levitate and we do grow pointy fangs. But we put our pants on just like you – one leg at a time. We too have bad hair days, and times when we need a friend’s help regarding boy problems.

Well I’ve spilled the beans enough for now. I gotta get going so I can see if I can offer some advice to my friend Elle (she’s having some trouble with her little brothers always tagging along when she goes out.) Time to go fix another problem in the world.



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Jeremy Shory

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Rookie Mistake


2- 5 Players

The objective is to be the person with the lowest total score at the end of the game by being the first person each round to have laid out all of your cards.

2 Players = 26 Cards Each
3 Players = 17 Cards Each – Set 1 card aside (you will not use)
4 Players = 13 Cards Each
5 Players = 10 Cards Each – Set 2 cards aside (you will not use)

1. Before the game begins, you will agree upon a stopping point based on total points scored (See #7). As soon as at least one person reaches that point threshold, the game is over.

2. Using one full deck of cards (52 cards total), deal the entire deck, setting aside any extras as noted above if playing with an odd number of players.

3. Each player will take a turn laying one card on the table; this is called the Thrown Card. The other players must either match the number/face value or suit of the Thrown Card.
(Example: Jack of Clubs is laid out, everyone must either lay another Jack or any card with a club they have in their hand.)

4. This series of events counts as one turn. The next person will lay out their Thrown Card, forcing everyone else to match, and so on until someone runs entirely out of cards.

5. In the event you do not have a card that matches the Thrown Card, then you are forced to collect all of the cards from that turn.
(Example: You are the only player out of four who does not have a card to match a Three of Hearts, you would collect the three cards the other players laid out that turn.)

6. In the rare circumstance there are multiple players that cannot match the Thrown Card, the lowest non-matching card would collect the lowest matching card, and the highest non-matching card would collect the highest matching card.
(Example: The Thrown Card = Ten of Spades, one player matches with a Five of Spades, but another player cannot match, so they lay out a Nine of Diamonds, and you lay a Four of Clubs. Since you are the lowest card, you would collect the lowest matched card [Five of Spades], leaving the other non-matching player to collect the Ten of Spades.)

7. Once someone runs completely out of cards, the round is over and those with cards still in their hands will add their points up for the round. All card values reflect what’s imprinted on them. (See points system below.) You want to have the lowest points total each round, as the person with the lowest overall points at the end of the game wins.

8. Points System: Every card carries the same point total as its face value.
Cards 2-9 = Pts reflected by their number (2 of any kind = 2 pts, 5 = 5 pts, eight = 8 pts)
Face Cards + 10 = 10 pts each
Aces = 15 pts

9. Estimated Game Times: The total points you wish to set as your stopping point will determine the length of the game.
Playing to 100 pts = approx 30-45 Minutes
Playing to 200 pts = approx 1.5 Hours
Playing to 300 pts = approx 2 Hours

Jeremy Shory

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Boat Ride into Leslie’s Twisted Mind

This is not a Blog. I’m not even a person, I’m a computer virus. In fact, every inch of your computer hard drive has now been infected and is feeding me all of your deepest and darkest secrets. Well all of those that you store on your computer anyways. I’m looking at you, Jeff! (Who’s Jeff? I don’t know. I just assume at some point there could be a Jeff that reads this blog.)Did I getcha? If you’re still reading this, then I give you credit for being smarter than Jeff. He immediately exited out of the page as soon as he saw the word “Virus,” and curled up like a baby in his bathtub. Seriously.

Cuter than it sounded, right?

Cuter than it sounded, right?

So the name’s Beggargass, Leslie Beggargass. Well actually Leslie Meredith Beatrice Beggargass III to be entirely honest. If you haven’t figured it out, I’m into practical jokes. In fact when I was first asked about doing the blog, two ideas immediately popped into my old noggin; write my post as if I were Eagen so I could make him seem like a stiff, well more of a stiff than he already is, or just create a link to a dog taking a poo in toilet like a human.I know, both are sweet concepts, and trust me, I would’ve gotten more than a barrel of laughs out of it. But then I figured if I went those routes, I’d have no platform to meet you folks. So it was probably a little counterproductive. Instead, I’ll go the more serious route. No, no, that’s impossible. I’m just not a serious guy. You’re forced to take the haunting trip into my brain and all its prankster glory – think the boat ride down the Chocolate River in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original, not that shoddy remake). Creepy, right? You have no idea!

Come. Join me.

Come. Join me.

“There’s no earthly way of knowing, Which direction we are going, There’s no knowing where we’re rowing, Or which way the river’s flowing.” I love that part!

So a little about me: I’m one of the founding members of F.L.E.A.R. and was born and raised in the great city of Furtayman. My favorite pastime is taking serene walks along the sandy banks of the Faynesma’ar River…scoping out the lovelies. Ha, you thought I was a romantic, didn’t you? It’s okay, you can confess. That’s twice now I’ve had you fooled. In all honesty, I’m an avid Screbak player – even won a few tournaments back in the day, which by the way is always a Thursday. Odd, right? I know.

I love to read. I picked up this one novel the other day, The Orion Chronicles. I just couldn’t put the darn thing down. I know it’s meant for teenagers, but who cares? Good writing’s good writing, no matter what age you are. (Is that a shameless plug? If so, who cares! I’m the one in control here.)

In closing, I want to thank you for taking the time to read a little about me. It was surprisingly fun and I’d do another if asked (wink, wink). Thanks to Jeremy for asking me to be a part of this unique glimpse into The Orion Chronicles.  Lastly, I’ll leave you with a website link of a cat urinating…you know what? I’ll save that for next time.



Click Here for Leslie’s Bio on the Characters Page.

Jeremy Shory

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Let Me Tell Ya A Lil Bit About My Characters…

So I’ve decided I want to have a little fun with all of you. Whoa! I don’t think I could’ve written a creepier intro. That was as disturbing as a lurking neighbor watching your every move from behind their curtains. Which by the way, if I can jump this train off the tracks for a moment to voice a serious complaint of mine (of course I can – it’s my blog, right?).

I promise my tangent won't end up like this.

I promise my tangent won’t end up like this.

To all those people that have nothing better to do with their lives but sit and watch from the security of their window, waiting for someone to screw up so you can report it/make a stink about it/be nosey about it, and you all know who you are, please find a hobby. It can be anything really. I don’t care – puzzles, crosswords, working on cars, writing, etc., just something other than being “that neighbor.” Okay?

Man does it feel good to get that out. Sorry, that’ll be my only PSA for the blog…and for those of you not old enough to recall what a PSA is, that’s a Public Service Announcement. Go ask your parents what those were…actually, if you’re not old enough to know what that is, you shouldn’t be on the computer this late reading my blogs to begin with. What are you doing up this late?! Go to bed! Now, where we? Ah, yes…my creepiness. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to have some special guest blogs posted from some very unique…you know what, let’s just call them characters. : ) They’ll be writing their blogs as sort of a Dear Diary-type post; giving some background on themselves, giving us a peak into their psyche, why they agreed to write their pieces for me, and whole lot more!

But before I ask them to come out and join us on this tumble down the rabbit hole, I want to give you a little background on some of the personalities in the Orion Chronicles series and where my inspiration came from. I needed characters for a book, so I imagined them. Done. The End. The End

What are you still doing here? I said The End. And kids, WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING UP? I said go to bed!

Alright fine, I suppose I owe you a little more than the above. I mean you are still reading this, so it’s only fair. When I first sat down and started storyboarding for this series, I set out to instill a little piece of myself in each character. I’ve always heard/been told, “Write what you know.” So what do I know better than anything else?

I said you DON'T have to raise your hand, Eugene!

I said you DON’T have to raise your hand, Eugene!

Go ahead; I’ll give you a moment to think about it. You don’t have to raise your hand, just shout the answer out. This isn’t 2nd Grade.Myself! Correct. I know myself better than anything.

So when I began to draft up my characters and where I wanted to take them, I wanted each of them to be a representation of me in some way. For instance, with Orion, his ultra-inquisitive nature—that came from me. Anyone that knows me well will tell you that I ask a lot of questions and I’m certainly not afraid to ask a tough question. With Grayson, his crass humor and prankster nature…yes! That’s me again. Now you’re catching on. I like it. I’ve always had a bit of a dry sense of humor and I find things funny that I probably shouldn’t; a guy getting hit by a car, someone in pain, wrestling someone when they’re sick and weak (“No, I’ve never tried to do that to my wife while she had a horrible cold,” he said, avoiding eye contact). I know, I’m sadistic, but I can’t help it. It’s just who I am…and Grayson. See what I did there? Yeah you did. I worked it back into the point of this blog.

Most of the characters are a compilation of me with a sprinkling in of some traits from others that I may know. The key goal that I was trying to achieve with each one was that I wanted them to all have their own distinct and separate personality. Sometimes when you read a story with a bunch of characters in it, they begin to overlap because really, how many different personality traits can you create? So I made a concerted effort to really setup 2-3 main character traits that I wanted to drive home every chance I got; Cremmel with the animals, Zora with her compassion, Eagen with his calculatedness (that’s not even a real word, but I am going to use it because it helps make my point). The majority of the main characteristics that seem to repeatedly pop up, like those aforementioned, are me…in a nutshell. That reminds me of Austin Powers when he’s told “That’ you in a nutshell,” and he starts acting like he’s confined in a cramped space, saying, “Look at me. I’m in a nutshell. How did I get into this nutshell?” Man I am awfully random tonight.

So as you read each story, keep an eye out for some of the recurring traits that keep coming out in the characters. There’s a good chance that it could be me you’re reading about.

Jeremy Shory

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