Owen Skovic: Big Man, Big Heart, and Bigger Sweet Tooth

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, I smell the blood of a mangy Nequam! I’ve put your name on my list to have a special meeting with my fist!

Did I scare you? I’m just playin’. My name is Owen. I thought it would be kinda funny to pull out the whole angry giant card as a little joke. I know my size (just an inch and three quarters shy of seven feet to be exact) tends to come off as a little threatening, so I thought it’d work. I get a good ol’ kick outta playing a few jokes every now and then.

F.L.E.A.R. Badge photo by: Jason Shory

F.L.E.A.R. Badge
photo by: Jason Shory

I’m a born and raised Furtayman – my pop was one of the founding members of F.L.E.A.R. Oh you don’t know what F.L.E.A.R. is? It’s theFurtayman Law Enforcement of All Races and we police the streets of this great city. I’m actually part of F.L.E.A.R. myself, and I can proudly say we are enjoying our longest time of racial peace and tranquility in the last five hundred years. In fact we haven’t had any major crimes or tragedies in nearly sixty eight years. I like to think I may’ve had something to do with it. I knew at a young age I didn’t care to follow my siblings into banking or lawyering (which is where most Fangtooths end up) and instead follow my pop’s footsteps in hopes of keeping things safe for our children. They’re our future after all. I kinda have a special place for them in my heart.

Every year, I gather a bunch of kids together and make them honorary F.L.E.A.R. agents for a day. I take them around the city and show them things they wouldn’t normally get to see. They really enjoy it, but I may I enjoy it more.

Sorry about that, I seem to have lost my train of thought. Oh right, F.L.E.A.R. It’s comprised of locals from each race in Furtayman (Paranormals, Fangtooths, Razorbacks, and Spellcasters) with a few others sprinkled in (some StoneHides, FireEaters, and Dragonites to name a few). It was founded a little over a hundred years ago by Chief Eagramen in an attempt to clean up the streets. Since its creation, races have begun to venture into other districts with confidence, knowing they’d be protected so long as they didn’t cause any trouble.

Puffywangle's Bakery anyone?

Puffywangle’s Bakery anyone?

Anywho, getting back to me. If there’s anything I like talking about more than F.L.E.A.R., it’s about me. I’m a Fangtooth and I live in the Fangtooth District with my beautiful wife, Wren.  Oh, something you should definitely know about me – there’s not enough sweets in both our worlds combined for me.  My best friend, Chester Grummel (you may’ve met him already), says I’m a “Fangtooth with a sweet tooth.” I visit Puffywangle’s Bakery so often they actually have a selection on their menu called The Owen – it’s one cherry licorice tart, a slice of glazed buttonroot bread, two vanilla cream torts, and a large cup of cinnamon-spiced juice called Frostfruit Nectar. Mmm, the tummy’s rumbling just thinkin’ about it.Actually…yeah, I gotta go. I need to feed this new craving now before it turns into a beast I can’t control. Perhaps I’ll pick some up for the Grummels. I love those guys.

Alright, have a good one. And remember this as it just might save your life; if you ever hear the walls shaking and feel the ground rumbling beneath you, it’s probably just me. Haha. Bye.


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Jeremy Shory

photo credit: PetitePlat via photopin cc and Jason Shory

Maxwell: The Gatekeeper

Maxwell is a Spellcaster friend of Grayson and Cremmel’s that voluntarily lives a life of poverty while operating a shelter for underprivileged runaways. The role he plays in Orion’s quest is invaluable as he specializes in unlocking suppressed memories. The consequences of Maxwell’s gatekeeper-like abilities can only be discovered within the pages of the series.

Leslie Beggargass: Old in Age, Young at Heart

Originally born as Leslie Meredith Beatrice Beggargass the III, this close Spellcaster friend of Eagen’s background is deeply rooted within F.L.E.A.R., the law agency he helped found. A typical prankster, Leslie’s lighthearted personality is what he known most for. His relationship and ties with Eagen and the Martins family go further back than any other person, and to find out just what kind of secrets he’s been keeping for them, you’ll need to look no further than the series.

Owen Skovic: Friend, Fangtooth,and F.L.E.A.R.

Owen is Chester Grummel’s Fangtooth best friend, and is a legacy F.L.E.A.R. agent, looking to follow in his father’s famous footsteps. His nearly seven-foot tall frame is carved with rippling and statuesque muscles, lending to his intimidating stature. Despite his appearance, Owen is a big teddy bear of a man with a sweet tooth and is loved by many. His extensive magical abilities and extreme attention to detail leads him deeper into Orion’s journey than he bargains for.


Hortwangler is a sleazy and rotund Fangtooth that works for Chester Grummel at the potion shop. Despite Chester’s denial, Hortwangler steals from the shop on a regular basis and is only out for himself. Orion’s run-ins with the man are typically awkward and oddly eventful. His snake-like lisp causes him to draw out words containing the letter “s,” which only adds to the bumbling persona he exudes. Only reading the series will allow you to find out what Hortwangler’s actual motives are and who the real driving force is behind it all.

Kane and Boudreaux: Seeing Double

Kane & Boudreaux Lamont  are Paranormal twins that play up the role by wearing matching vibrantly checkered coats and tattered pants and shoes. Their greasy, brown hair is often parted on opposite sides from each other and their squinty eyes are too close together. Their heavy accents are barely discernible to most residents in the city of Furtayman. The tale behind this distinctive duo is only found throughout the pages of the series –read to learn more.

Chester Grummel, Master Potioneer

Chester is Grayson’s Spellcaster father and owner of Grummel’s Potion Shoppe, in the heart of the Spellcaster District. Understanding Orion’s true origins, he agrees to help him unlock the mysteries of his family’s past, often times seeking assistance from his closest friend, and F.L.E.A.R. officer, Owen Skovic.
His blue-collar appearance, aided by has short brown hair and matching brown mustache, and his brief stints of absent-mindedness, are often overlooked due to his unrivaled skills as a premier potioneer.


Mizayla is middle-aged Paranormal woman with a “special” connection to Orion. She has frazzled white hair and matching pale skin. The lower half of her left ear is missing and a deep scar runs across her throat, which constantly reminds her of her ‘past.’  There is much to Mizayla’s story that can only be learned through reading the series.

Physasha: RIP

Physasha is Orion’s mother and she passed away during labor with the child. In life, she was a confident woman and her unrivaled beauty, complete with flowing brown hair, always demanded an audience.

Bynam Martins (Dad)

Bynam is Orion’s father and looks like a middle-aged replica of the boy. The uncovering of his dark secrets coupled with a sudden tragedy is ultimately what sets Orion’s journey in motion. Bynam’s story is much deeper than he has let Orion know, and only reading the series will afford you the opportunity to uncover the truth.