Cultures of Val’Terra


















Spellcasters – also known as Wizards & Witches

Location – Only located in the cities of Ballisade & Furtayman. Occasional traveling caravans of Spellcasters are seen in the Val’Terra countryside.

Special Abilities – Masters of the elements – only race to master them.
Extremely powerful sense of touch – can see & hear thoughts & memories simply by touch.
Only race that can fabricate and alter potions.

Physical Changes – None

Notes: Spellcasters are the only race to master every form of magic. There have been reported rare cases where Spellcasters have even been able to develop the abilities of other races, such as the Paranormals invisibility, Fangtooths levitation, and FireEaters scorched skin.

Ancient Spellcasters were so powerful that they were able to create new enchantments at will.

With each new enchantment, increasing in strength and potency, the Spellcasters’ powers began to rapidly exceed those of the other races until all of Val’Terra was brought to the brink of extension by Caster Tyrana’s creation of The Fade (see page 47 for more on this subject). After the treacherous events that transpired from Tyrana’s creations, a balance in power was restored in the world as the new generation of Spellcasters underwent a life evolution called Re-Creation, where the level of magic flowing through their veins stabilized and became more in line with the other races.

Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind are elements that a Spellcaster can use and alter at whim during a moment of desperation. Extremely powerful Spellcasters can manipulate the elements at will, regardless of the situation. .

Charming, the ability to craft and instill life and magical purpose inside inanimate objects, is an art form developed and mastered by Spellcasters. Additional Note: A few Spellcasters have recently formed a group called Sacred Divination as an attempt to earn income and monopolize on the charming needs around the city. I need to look into this further and make sure nothing unlawful is taking place.

Spellcasters have perfected the ability to learn someone’s past through touch; thoughts can be heard, memories can be seen, and feelings can be felt.

Spellcasters believe in moderation and live a lifestyle that demonstrates this. Their homes tend to be simple and their clothes plain.

They are a quiet race and tend to keep to themselves, refusing to take sides in racial struggles.

Their presence and opinion is highly valued in The Race Relations Committee due to their uncanny ability to properly predict situations and provide viable solutions; their long and storied history in this world allows for them to call upon their primordial bloodlines to view circumstances in a different light than most races in Val’Terra (only other races able to perform such tasks are the StoneHides and Nighthawks).

Spellcasters are the only race that can create potions and elixirs. Traveling caravans frequent the countryside, travelling from city to city and in rare cases, the Constant World, boasting their healing elixirs, traveling potions, and transfiguration tonics.


Razorbacks – also known as Werewolves

Location – Typically only located in and around the city of Furtayman.

Special Abilities – Super Strength – some of the most naturally strong people in Val’Terra.

Extreme Agility and Quickness

Uncanny Sense of Hearing – some are so strong that they can hear a person’s thoughts.

Physical Changes – They morph into ultra-hairy beasts nearly twice their typical size.

Their nails lengthen into razor-sharp claws – some as long as three inches.

Notes: During their transfigured condition, their extreme musculature is only further accentuated by their thick, brown pelts. The free-flowing and straggly hair is typically located around the neck and shoulders, along their arms and legs, and genitals.

They have a naturally aggressive and angry disposition, lending to the common thought that they are some of the fiercest people in all of Val’Terra.

Despite the haggard and impoverish exterior appearance of their homes, the Razorbacks are well-known throughout the world as being highly in tune with the most recent decorating trends and to have a keen eye for flare.

Regardless of which physical state they are in, human or morphed, the Razorbacks are particularly quick and have an unrivaled agility which allows them to typically catch someone with ease.

Also, due to their well-developed leg muscles, they have a tremendous leaping aptitude, sometimes projecting themselves upwards of fifteen feet off the ground.



It’s extremely difficult for Razorbacks to bare multiple children and normal pregnancy lasts only four months. Upon birth, the mother’s body experiences severe stress and can sometimes completely shut down for several days. Warning: Baring a child in the Constant World negates all effects of the Clearing Elixirs.


Paranormals – also known as Poltergeists, Phantoms, and Ghosts

Location – Paranormals are located in every city in Val’Terra

Special Abilities
 – Paranormals can turn invisible for short bursts of time – the strongest are believed to have a maximum limitation of 18 minutes of invisibility.

Paranormals can Previnate – ability to turn into a mist and fly around at a rapid pace.

They can reach and move through inanimate objects, such as walls and doors.
Side Note – Cannot perform this power while invisible.

Physical Changes – Invisibility

Notes: Paranormals are people that were another race while they were alive during their first life. They can only  come back as a Paranormal in the wake of a tragic event (murder, robbery, accidental death). Transfiguration is when they return to life with the same appearance, but without the abilities from their previous life. They inherit the abilities of the Paranormals over the course of the three weeks immediately following their first death. This period is called Attainment, and it takes place while the body lies in repose.

The reason for the second life (the opportunity to come back as a Paranormal) is fabled to be the way for these lost souls to right the wrongs from their previous life. Not all return to the world with these noblest of intentions. Some use their gift of life to seek revenge on those that previously wronged them. (See Cristobel; Count Thane; La’Rette).

The ability to previnate is passed down from one Paranormal to another. It is not a power that is immediately received during transfiguration.

As a balance of power, the Paranormals have evolved to only be able to utilize their ability to move through objects while invisible. It is believed that the ancient Paranormals had the ability to use the power during any phase, but that is no longer the case for today’s Paranormals. Confirmed: The first Paranormals were able to use their powers during times of invisibility.

Only other Paranormals can hunt and track down other Paranormals during spurts of invisibility. This process is called Drapence.

There have been recent bouts of Paranormals traveling to the Constant World and cause mayhem by haunting Nequams. This act must stop!


Fangtooths – also known as Vampires or Vampyres

Location – predominantly located in the cities of Furtayman, Castile, and Reaver’s Hollow, but can be found throughout all of Val ‘Terra.

Special Abilities – Levitation (can only reach a maximum of 22 1/2 feet) Heightened sense of Smell – can decipher different races by their scent.

Physical Changes – Nostrils flare allowing easier identification of scents

Body Hair retracts allowing for effortless gliding during levitation.



Fangs – teeth become Sharp & lengthen by one inch



Talons – razor Sharp finger nails grow by an inch

Notes: Groupings of Fangtooths are known as a Coven.

They do not actually eat or bite people, but do require the nourishment of red meat with every meal.
There are rumors that biting other Val’Terrans & drinking their blood will cause abnormal mutations in the Fangtooth. Rumor Confirmed: Fangtooths that drink the blood of others develop a condition where their skin becomes extremely sensitive to natural light & their eyes become bloodshot. An insatiable appetite for blood consumes them & controls their lives, as they will stop at nothing until they have their next taste of fresh blood. The name currently being used for these abominations is Banshees.

Fangtooths are normally of the higher class & looked at as being prominent figures in the city.

They are typically store & restaurant owners, political figures, & bankers. Their uncanny ability to be masters of currency lends to them being excellent bankers. Side Note: Fergrams, the largest & most powerful depository in Val’Terra, controlled entirely by Fangtooths, has begun to extend its reach into the Constant world by creating branches inside cities like Paris, London, & Manhattan.

They are starved for power, always looking for ways to better their position & status. They tend to be very wealthy. – As the saying goes, ‘with power, so comes wealth.’

Fangtooths are least affected by the problems most races encounter in the Constant world. Their blood is more adaptable, which allows them move about in the Constant world for longer periods of time without the aid of a Clearing elixir than any other race.

They usually are very even-keeled & calculated, allowing them to remain calm & savvy during confrontations.

Timeless history of hatred of the Razorbacks – The detestation can be traced all the way back to events that originally occurred over 7,000 years ago between the Callas coven & the Boreesh clan; Monahan Callas killed the nephew of Hymore Boreesh in cold blood during a feud over land. Despite efforts to make amends and smooth things over, tensions arose as the Boreesh clan sought revenge for their loss, demanding Monahan’s head. The refusal to do so by the Callas’ ultimately led to an all out war between the two families – all family members were slain with the exception of one from each family, the youngest sons, left with the task of carrying on the story throughout all of Val’Terra.