The Orion Chronicles

The Journal of Forgotten Secrets

Three weeks ago, Orion knew he was going to avenge his father’s murder. Three days ago, he knew he was all that remained of the Martins family. Three hours ago, he knew he was the one doing the hunting. Three minutes from now, he’ll discover just how wrong he’s been.

The world as Orion knows it comes crashing down when a game of hide-and-seek reveals family secrets that begin to shatter the barriers between the ordinary and the enchanted. The deeper he follows his ancestor’s trail of deception, the further he’s ensnared in a game of life and death against a master puppeteer.

It’s up to Orion to fulfill his destiny and uncover the enigmas of his legendary bloodline, placing the fate of two worlds in his young hands…if he can survive long enough to uncover the darkest secret of them all; death was only the beginning.

Orion took a deep breath and stepped into the darkness, letting go of the heavy door. As it slammed shut behind him, he realized he now had no way out. And thus his journey begins…

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