Cremmel’s Insatiable Appetite for Animal Nerdery…or Intellect – You Decide

Howdy. I am Cremmel Veloria, or probably better known as one half of the Gruesome Twosome (my best friend Grayson is the other half).  You’ll have to forgive me as I’m not really into this whole blogging thing. Nah, I’d much rather have my nose in a book (well not when I’m hanging with my super hot girlfriend, Zora, of course). I enjoy reading and studying. Probably haven’t heard too many fifteen year olds say that huh? My best friend Grayson calls me a nerd because of it, but I don’t care. I love being well-versed in things. I consider myself a bit of an intellect. I think the ladies like that about me…of course my toned body doesn’t hurt either.  Haha.

Lochness Monster - Just let it come to you...yeah right, Cremmel

Lochness Monster – Just let it come to you…yeah right, Cremmel

Animals are kinda my passion. I’m all about ‘em…especially the ones in your world. You Nequams don’t know how many amazing creatures you really have in your world. You name it, you guys have it; Dragons, Sharks, Dogs, Gerbils, Lions. We have kind of a running joke here in Val’Terra about you Nequams and your Monster Hunts. You guys spend so much time hunting for Big Foot and Nessie (yes I know what you call them – see I told ya I knew a lot about animals from your world) that you don’t realize you just have to let ‘em come to you. We have similar creatures, and that’s how we catch ‘em.

Speaking of creatures in our world, we have some pretty neat ones here too. Ever heard of a Hawdrac? Sunbirds? Conigma Imps? Didn’t think so.

Hawdrac statue adorns the entrance to Hawdrac Lake

Hawdrac statue adorns the entrance to Hawdrac Lake

A hawdrac is equal parts lion, hawk, and dragon, and they live in Hawdrac Lake outside our city. They’re super aggressive, and have a bad temper.

Now sunbirds, these guys are pretty docile, but super dangerous. The best way I can describe them is if you take a Phoenix (yes, they really exist in your world in the Mountains of South America) and a Thunderbird (found in the desserts of North America) got together and had a baby – that would be a Sunbird. As a baby, it’s mostly yellow in color, but the older it gets, it begins sprouting red and orange feathers on its wings and body. The really old ones have dark blue tips on their feathers. They’re pretty cool to see, kinda majestic-looking. They burst into flames when they feel threatened.

Finally, Conigma Imps (or Wall Imps). These guys…they’re something else. They’re about six inches tall, and they look like miniature furry people with wide mouths full of sharp teeth. Each of ‘em have their own unique hairdo, and they’re all different colors; red, blue, green, yellow, purple. They live in the walls of people’s homes (hence the name Wall Imps), and are mostly harmless. They can be very sneaky though, and they will take your stuff. But they usually return it to you after some time…like when you need it least. But for the most part, they’re pretty cool little creatures, and some of them are really funny. Like Garvin, who lives in Grayson’s house, that little dude is so funny. One time, he stole every pair of Grayson’s underwear and didn’t give them back for a whole week. It was hilarious.

Well, I guess that’s enough for now. I didn’t really tell you much about me, but I think you get the gist; I’m a bookworm with a passion for animals.

See ya around.

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