Detail-Oriented Eagen Gives Us the Scoop on the Frugg’al Games

Greetings, I am Eagen and this blog is supposed to be all about me, but to be quite honest, I’m not one to really enjoy talking about myself. I never have. So instead, I thought I would use this opportunity to tell you a little bit about the wonderful event that’s truly helped bring not only the city of Furtayman together, but the whole world of Val’Terra – The Frugg’al Games. I hope Jeremy is okay with that.

Hawdracs will present a difficult challenge to this season's Ro'koren Match.

Hawdracs will present a difficult challenge to this season’s Ro’koren Match.

The games have been taking place for precisely one thousand years, and in recognition of this triumphant feat, they’re being hosted in the birthplace of these very games – the great city of Furtayman. The games are held every ten years in a different location and the last time they were hosted by Furtayman was eighty years ago. Now most of you think that’s a lifetime, and for Nequams you’d be correct. But the magic flowing in our bodies allows us Val’Terrans to live longer than Nequams…much longer to be exact.

Forgive me. I appear to have gotten a bit off track. The Frugg’al Games consist of several events where each race has nominated a representative to compete on their behalf. Some of the more popular events are the Ro’koren Match, Lokay Tournaments, Baldrick Races, and the Dragonian Challenge. There are many, but these are just to name a few.

The Frugg’al Games are always kicked-off with the fan-favorite Ro’koren Match, which in its simplest form, is basically an underwater race. The contestants race down their respective lanes and along the way place large boulders on specified podiums for points. The first to cross the finish line gets a time bonus which it tabulated along with their boulder points. The accumulation of total points determines the Match winner.

FireEaters claiming their territory at the Lokay Tournaments

FireEaters staking their territory at the Lokay Tournaments. They’re always the first one’s here.

The Lokay Tournaments are similar to what you Nequams call Football. It’s similar in rules, except the Special Challenge portion, which tends to be the most exciting part. That’s where each team elects one player to try and run the Lokay ball the length of the field while other tries to stop him in a one-on-one matchup.  Doesn’t sound like much, but the rest of the team is on the field forming barriers for each player to run around. Between you and me, let’s just say it’s a good thing we have those on hand magically equipped to handle nasty injuries, because this part of the game lends itself to some of the worst injuries I’ve ever seen. I’m not talking just broken limbs. I’m talking broken bodies…whole bodies.

The Baldrick Races are more commonly known as The Banshee Run. Each contestant is released into a heavily wooded arena where they’re tasked with locating any of the fifty hidden golden rings, which serve as one point. The real danger here is that five banshees are released onto the course, so each competitor must avoid the perils that come with such a hazard. This is one of only two events where the contenders are allowed to use magic, and it’s for defense against the banshees only. This race is typically won by those daring enough to take the banshees head-on in attempt to snare the diamond ring dangling from its neck; they’re worth twenty-five points.

Emblem for the Dragonian Challenge - every competitor in this event sport this on their racial uniforms

Emblem for the Dragonian Challenge – every competitor in this event sports this on their racially-colored uniforms

The final event of the Games is the most perilous; the Dragonian Challenge. This is the other event where the contestants are allowed to use magic. It’s my personal favorite as it harkens back to the mythical fables of demigods, dragons, and magic from your world, the Constant World. Each entrant in the timed event is tasked with the daunting task of overcoming a series of complex puzzles to unlock three pieces of magical equipment; Merlin’s Wand, the Shield of Lancelot, and King Arthur’s Excalibur. Things are made ever more perilous as they must evade the worst of the dragon races, the ferocious Romanian Basaltrock (only dragon known to breathe both fire and ice, and is actually from your world – yes, we get many things from your world and dragons are one of them). After obtaining all three items, they must conquer the beast (only in metaphor really – they simply put it to sleep). Truly is an amazing event if I may say so.

All-in-all, there’s absolutely nothing like the Frugg’al Games. They usher in a time of prosperity and peace, and above all else, they serve as a moment of respite from the problems and issues that may be occurring at the time.

I do feel that’s enough for now, and I thank you for your time.

Good tidings.


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Jeremy Shory

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