Hard Life for the Lamont Twins

Well ‘ello, dere, Mon Amis. We are Kane an’ Boudreaux Lamont. Now I know what y’all be dinkin’. You be dinkin’ we’re jus’ a couple good ol’ boys from backwoods Loozianna. Probably dinkin’ we know dem bearded fellas from dat one TV show ‘bout duck huntin’ dynaties. Well, you’d be wrong. Us Lamont boys are from Barbonus…from Val’Derra. We ain’t no fools, an’ we sho ain’t no Nequams. No, we a couple of Paranormals jus’ lookin’ da make da best uh what we gots.

Death Was Only the Beginning: The Lamont Brothers Won't Soon Forget This Location

Death Was Only the Beginning: The Lamont Brothers Won’t Soon Forget This Location

We wasn’ always Paranormals dough. Nah, you gots da have someding bad happen to ya to become a Paranormal, like be murdered. And dat’s jus’ what happened to us; we was murdered. We was originally a couple Sandshiftuhs born into a decent family. Our papa owned a lil furniture boutique an’ our mamma helped him run it. Dat is until bod dey mysteriously died in dere sleep. Dunno what caused it, but had to be natural since dey never came back. Next ding you know, me and my brodda end up in a children’s home. One not equipped enough to handle da numbuh of kids in dere. So we jus’ bought our time ‘til we could make it on our own.

After a few years, we left and started wanderin’ da land. You know, makin’ do. We used to sell potions along da way. Anyding we came across from cidy to cidy, we’d buy up and den sell it for twice da price to dose in the countryside widout da means of makin’ it into da cidy. Sure it was a dakin’ advantage of ‘em a lil, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Every once in awhile we’d make it over to da Constant Worl’ an’ pick up some dings unique to your world an’ sell dem for a high price.  Always people in dis worl’ dat crave contraptions from your wol’.  Personally, we don’ get it. Ain’t nuttin’ in your worl’ dat we can’t use some magic for.

The Final Hand in a Game of Poker is the Deadliest...at least for this pair.

The Final Hand is the Deadliest…at least for this pair.

Before long we done found our way to dis cidy, Furtayman. A few days lada, we in a poka game playin’ against some Razorbacks, an’ dey accuse me and my brodda of bein’ cheats. Dere’s one ding you should know about me an’ my brodda; you can call us jus’ ‘bout any name in da book an’ it won’ bodder us, but don’t call us a cheat! We don’ like bein’ called a cheat now. So we up and quit da game…wit all dere money. Next ding we know, we was shanked an’ left for dead in da alley.

Dat’s where Mizayla comes in. She saved us. She showed us how to get revenge, an’ revenge is what we got. We made dem scream…beg for the quick deaths we had. You see, no one, and I mean no one crosses da Lamont twins. We get even. You best remember dat.

Kane and Boudreaux Lamont

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Jeremy Shory

photo credit: Thinkingjosh cc and Insight Imaging: John A Ryan cc  via photopin

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