Cremmel Veloria: Partner in Crime

Cremmel, the most animal-savvy Fangtooth of his generation, was born and raised in Val’Terra as the only child of two of the more prominent Race Relations Committee members in the city of Furtayman.  Upon meeting Orion for the first time, Cremmel is completely opposed to helping the boy, but with a little coaxing from his best friend Grayson, and some surprising events that pique his own sense for adventure, Cremmel quickly changes his tune and becomes one of Orion’s biggest supporters and closest friends.  Cremmel grows so close to Orion that he even sacrifices himself on several occasions for the boy.

His stark black hair, well-built frame, and stunning blue eyes easily attract glares from his feminine peers, but he pays them no attention as he is heavily involved in a relationship with Zora Constantine.

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