Meet Orion


Orion is a fourteen-year-old boy who was born and raised in our world, the Constant World. He is the perfect blend of his parents, inheriting his boyish looks, quick wit, and charisma from his father, and his precociousness, inquisitive mind, and uncanny senses from his mother. A sudden family tragedy has left Orion without much care or caution, allowing his ultra-adventurous and semi-rebellious side to take over.
When Orion inadvertently stumbles into the world of Val’Terra, a world full of enchantment, magic, and whimsy, he embarks upon the fateful journey that he was unknowingly destined for from birth.

In an attempt to uncover his true origins, Orion and his faithful friends, Grayson, Zora, and Cremmel are forced to walk a long and treacherous path of peril, mystery, and even darker family secrets.


Favorite pass-time: Playing hide-and-seek with his nanny, Francine.

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