Mizayla’s Warning: Wicked Words from a Wicked Woman

I’m going to make this short and sweet. There’s no such thing as a good person. No such thing as good deeds. No, there are only evil and cruel intentions. Even the people you think you know best, the people who you think love you and care for you, your family, only have selfish aspirations. And if you get in the way of those aspirations, kiss your butt goodbye

How do I know all this you may be asking? Well to understand who I am, I’ll have to tell you a little story.

I am Mizayla, and at one time I was a Spellcaster. I was a good girl. I hardly got in trouble outside of the typical things kids and teenagers normally get reprimanded for. I loved art, and being a Spellcaster afforded me the wonderful benefit of being able to use the elements like fire and earth in my artwork. I had the typical teenage crushes on the boys down the street, but again, they were innocent feelings. Not once did I ever act on them. I had only a few friends as I was a bit of a recluse, but they were very important to me and I held them dear.

Even this woman can't touch Mizayla's dipravity

Even this woman can’t touch Mizayla’s dipravity

Then came a special night; the night of my demise. Why would I say it was a special night? Well it’s because it was the night my eyes finally opened. It was when I had the epiphany of all epiphanies. You see, I also had an older brother, and it was that night when I realized I would never be able to escape his shadows. My father loved him more than me, and he made that fact apparent on a daily basis. I just never realized it until then.

I was visited by an unlikely person that night. It was him who opened my eyes. And it was so simple too. I don’t know how I never saw it before. Perhaps I was always in denial about it and simply forced the bad thoughts from my mind. Maybe I was too young to notice. Either way my special visitor exposed the sham I thought was my family. It was that night I realized there’s no such thing as love…especially from your own family.

And you might be thinking, “At least your special visitor helped you out. Perhaps that was out of love.” Wrong! No, there were secret and evil intentions behind it all. A unique tome was the object of desire that night, certainly not helping me. In fact, that’s when I was murdered; by the same person who tried “helping” me. Sure I lost my life, but I returned as a Paranormal with a fresh look on life, a new vision. Now, it’ll be my second life’s work to bring down your world and mine. People of all races, magical or not, need to be tought a lesson. Life is not about ruining other people’s lives for the sake of bettering yourself. Life is not about selfish greed and gluttony. Life is about more than money and status. Both worlds have spun too wildly out of control, there’s no reversing the course they’re both on.

And for all these reasons, you all will feel my wrath. Perhaps if you’re lucky enough to survive, you too will be able to say you’ve had a “special” night where your eyes were opened.

Consider yourself warned!


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