Orion Martins: A Torn Adolescent

Hello there. I am Orion Martins, a fourteen (soon to be fifteen) year-old boy that was born and raised in Gilford, New Hampshire. That’s just south of Lake Winnipesauke for any of you who’ve seen the movie What About Bob? We see our fair share of tourists come to town for the summer and during the Pumpkin Festival in the fall, staying around the lake. I don’t really get out of the house much, so I really can’t say what all they do. My dad was always pretty strict about when and where I could go.

Last Year's Pumpkin festival: Scarecrow - Dad, Tin Man - Eagen, Lion - Me

Last Year’s Pumpkin festival: Scarecrow – Dad, Tin Man – Eagen, Lion – Francine

Since his passing a few weeks ago, I haven’t really felt the desire to go anywhere anyways. He was my hero…literally the strongest and coolest man I ever knew. I still think there’s something strange about his death. And I promise if it was because of something someone did, then I will get revenge. They deserve it for taking him out of this world! 

Sorry, about that. My dad meant everything to me. I never knew my mom, Physasha. She passed away shortly after I was born. The only thing I know about her are from stories my dad would tell me.

My house is so large, we have a room just for my schooling.

My house is so large, we have a room just for my schooling.

I’ve been pretty sheltered my whole life. I’m home schooled by my butler, Eagen. He’s a decent guy, but a little tough. He’s the most skeptical person in the world. According to him, no one is who they seem. But he’s alright. I like Eagen. I consider him part of our family.It’s not all bad hanging around this giant house though. There’s enough to keep me busy I guess between the garden, my dad’s antique car collection, hangin’ with my nanny, Francine, and the woods in the back. I learned how to track animals and swim in those woods. And when I get some down time, I’m usually watching some sorta sports. What has two thumbs and is big fan of the New England Patriots? This guy!

I’m a pretty big kid for my age. Shoot, I’m almost as tall as old man Eagen now. Most people can’t believe I’m only fourteen. They assume I’m at least seventeen. Gosh, I wish I was that old. Then I’d have my license and I’d just go for a drive whenever I wanted. Ugh. But Eagen promised to let me get my learners permit as soon as I turn fifteen, so I’m almost there…only another week and a half.

Eagen and Francine let me start practice by driving the cart into town when they go.

Eagen and Francine let me start practice by driving the cart into town when they go.

I’ll say the really crappy part about being as sheltered as I am is that I don’t get a whole lot of chances to meet girls. I’d really like to get out there and meet some. I’m at that age right? I mean a girlfriend sounds like a good thing…someone to talk to all the time, someone to hang with, someone to kiss. What? I didn’t say that. Haha.

I like to think I have a pretty decent sense of humor…especially when it comes to potty humor. But I learned some of my best fart pranks from my dad. He used to let one rip behind Eagen and then say, “Goodness, Eagen! What’d you eat?” Heh, yeah…

Well I guess that’s all for now. I’m gonna head out and play hide-and-seek with Francine. It’s the first time out of the house since my dad passed. Guess we’ll see what kind of adventures the woods have in store for me today…probably nothing too exciting.



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