Razorbacks – also known as Werewolves

Location – Typically only located in and around the city of Furtayman.

Special Abilities – Super Strength – some of the most naturally strong people in Val’Terra.

Extreme Agility and Quickness

Uncanny Sense of Hearing – some are so strong that they can hear a person’s thoughts.

Physical Changes – They morph into ultra-hairy beasts nearly twice their typical size.

Their nails lengthen into razor-sharp claws – some as long as three inches.

Notes: During their transfigured condition, their extreme musculature is only further accentuated by their thick, brown pelts. The free-flowing and straggly hair is typically located around the neck and shoulders, along their arms and legs, and genitals.

They have a naturally aggressive and angry disposition, lending to the common thought that they are some of the fiercest people in all of Val’Terra.

Despite the haggard and impoverish exterior appearance of their homes, the Razorbacks are well-known throughout the world as being highly in tune with the most recent decorating trends and to have a keen eye for flare.

Regardless of which physical state they are in, human or morphed, the Razorbacks are particularly quick and have an unrivaled agility which allows them to typically catch someone with ease.

Also, due to their well-developed leg muscles, they have a tremendous leaping aptitude, sometimes projecting themselves upwards of fifteen feet off the ground.



It’s extremely difficult for Razorbacks to bare multiple children and normal pregnancy lasts only four months. Upon birth, the mother’s body experiences severe stress and can sometimes completely shut down for several days. Warning: Baring a child in the Constant World negates all effects of the Clearing Elixirs.

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