Scavenger Hunt #1

Well, well, well. Here we are. All the hype and now it’s time for the Scavenger Hunt that will end all Scavenger Hunts. I mean this is the Pièce de résistance! The main attraction. The feature act at a really awesome concert. The great…you probably get the picture.

I first want to show you what you’re playing for. The first three (3) people to reply to this post with all the correct answers will win a FREE copy of The Orion Chronicles: The Journal of Forgotten Secrets by Jeremy Shory, BUAN: The Perfect Mortals by Reece Bridger, and Soul Asylum by C L Raven.

orion_chronicles_12 - Copy Soul Asylum The Perfect Mortal

If you’ve read the rules to this contest then you’ll know you’ll have to answer three (3) questions for each of our websites. If you haven’t read them yet, you can check out the gist of the contest here: (add link here). Also, post your answers to this blog post in the comments section for your chance to win. Without further ado, let’s get the party started.

The answers to the following questions can be found on

  1. What are the colors of the Spellcaster Flag? (This is an easy one – they’ll get harder.)
  2. What is the name of the first character we are introduced to in The Journal of Forgotten Secrets?
  3. What is the name of the period of time when a Paranormal loses their previous abilities and inherit their new Paranormal abilities?

The answers to these questions will be found on

  1. What Horror movie legend took time to pose with the girls (and his famous prop) when they visited Comic-Con: London?
  2. What is the name of the character who works for “the paper” and unexpectedly shows up looking for a tour in Chapter 1 of Soul Asylum?
  3. What do the twins not believe in, but are “desperate to be proved wrong?”

These answers will located on the pages of

  1. How many words did Company of Heroes end up at?
  2. What is the name of the main characters in The Perfect Mortals?
  3. What instrument does Reece play in his college band?


I found him! I FOUND WALDO!

I found him! I FOUND WALDO!

Alright ladies and gentlemen, let the keenest eyes prevail. Stay tuned as C L Raven will be hosting next week’s Scavenger Hunt (which means you’ll be replying to their post for your chance to win). Good luck. Godspeed. Break a leg.  And all that other stuff people say.

Jeremy Shory


  1. 1) gold and brown
    2) Hortwangler
    3) Attainment
    1) Robert B Englund (freddy glove)
    2) Mason Strider
    3) Ghosts
    2) Harmon Siblings also known as the Buan
    3) 4 string bass guitar

  2. The answers to the Scavenger Hunt questions. This was fun!

    The Orion Chronicles:
    1. Yellow and Brown.
    2. Hortwangler.
    3. Attainment.

    1. Robert Englund.
    2. Mason Strider.
    3. Ghosts.

    Reece Bridger:
    1. More than 100k words.
    2. The Harmon Siblings.
    3. Four-string bass guitar.

  3. Hiyas!

    (Hopefully) gonna snatch some free books with my answers! :’)

    The Orion Chronicles:

    1. Brown and yellow
    2. Hortwangler
    3. Attainment

    Soul Asylum:

    1. Robert Englund
    2. Mason Stryder
    3. Ghosts


    1. 128.000
    2. The Harmon Siblings
    3. Bass guitar


    Thanks for hosting this!


  4. Matty, Cinta, and Kristy are week 1 winners!

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