Scavenger Hunt #3

Welcome to week 3. We have the luxury of Reece’s blog hosting things this week. He’s doing some amazing things on his website that I cannot wait for you to dive into. Make sure you get your answers in early so you can secure your free books! Next week will also hold an additional surprise to the winner, so make sure you’re telling EVERYONE you know about this fun lil Scavenger Hunt.

I again want to show you what you’re playing for. The first three (3) people to reply with all the correct answers will win a FREE copy of The Orion Chronicles: The Journal of Forgotten Secrets by Jeremy Shory, BUAN: The Perfect Mortals by Reece Bridger, and Soul Asylum by C L Raven.

orion_chronicles_12 - Copy Soul Asylum The Perfect Mortal


Let’s jump right into the fun shall we.

Head on over to Raven’s Retreat to hunt for the answers to these questions.

  1. What album do the twins think would be their ‘Death Row album’?
  2. Which debut novelist visited the twins on the 1st of August last year?
  3. What kind of car does the main character in Soul Asylum drive?

Had some fun digging around there? Well visit my site to uncover these answers.

  1. What is a grouping of Fangtooths known as?
  2. What is Jeremy’s birth year?
  3. What organisation do Leslie and the ‘mysterious man’ discuss in the prologue of ‘Curse of the Phantom Brotherhood’?

Remember when I told you about all the killer stuff Reece is adding to his site? Well check it out here to answer these questions.

  1. What sport does Reece engage in besides scuba diving and kayaking?
  2. What is Reece’s favourite genre of music?
  3. In Reece’s opinion, what is the worst job to have during the Apocalypse?

Alright ladies and gentlemen. Get to it and happy hunting!

Jeremy Shory

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